Chromalive Light Therapy
Chromalive® Colour Therapy is an advanced treatment that can improve one's overall general wellbeing by balancing the body's natural energy        frequencies. 

Chromalive® Colour Therapy helps to restore mental, emotional and physical equilibrium. 

In doing so, a variety of skin conditions such as irregularity of  color (brown and red spots), poor skin texture, blemishes, skin damage due to sun exposure as well as signs of aging, can diminish.

Color Therapy's non-invasive treatments have been shown to:

Support body, mind & spirit balance
Increase organ vitality

Improve skin circulation

Smooth skin texture (lift aged and tired skin and reduce wrinkles)

Increase elasticity of face, promote youthful appearance

Reduce blemishes and spots

Increase Radiance!

Chromalive Light Therapy must be done as an In Person Session.

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1-Hour Session $75.00