Intuitive - Tarot Readings
Intuitive Tarot Reading
1-Hour Reading       $75.00
Intuitive Tarot Reading Sessions can be done in person, or through Free Skype Video Call.  Skype is available at no charge at:
I have been using tarot cards as part of my healing practice for over 10 years, and have used them personally for over 25 years.  Both with great insight and success!

Tarot cards are a divining tool, and as such can give clarity and focus on topics and issues that are present in a person's life that are in need of healing.  I use them as a way of connecting with the Divine, and with the spirit guides of the person that I am working with.  Through this connection, doors are opened and clarity is given.

They do not tell the future, for we are blessed with free choice in our lives and can alter our future with each and every decision that we make.  They do make clear the options that we have before us.  

Sometimes the options to those decisions are difficult to find, and even harder to weigh out the pros and cons of.  This is where I find an intuitive tarot reading to be most beneficial.  

Through the use of the the tarot, I, along with my client, can look more deeply into past, present, and future situations, and see what life lessons are present, what the purpose of those experiences were, are, and will be, what baggage we may still be carrying from them that can now be released.  They also help me to help my client become in the best position to make sound and positive decisions going into the future.