Past Life Regression Therapy
What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Science and Quantum Physics prove that energy is eternal and infinite.  Energy can be channeled, but not destroyed.  Within each of us is a spirit, life force, source of energy.

  When the body dies, this energy must do something!  It does not, and cannot end with the death of the human body.  It moves on to greater spiritual adventures!  

Past Life Regression Therapy, through the use of light hypnosis, allows both the healer and the client to travel outside of the confines of the time and space that we have created here on earth, and visit other lives from our previous incarnations.  

A Miracle Minds Past Life Regression Therapy differs from traditional past life regressions. There is the understanding that we are not linear beings, in linear lives.  We are not one encapsulated soul, traveling, intact, through one life, to the next, to the next.  1700’s 1800’s, 1900’s….  Years only matter to historians, and are manmade to record events in this one time and space universe.  Time and Space do not exist in other places within our universe, and within other universes.

We are multidimensional beings, living in a multidimensional universe.  Just like the rays of the sun can touch many places at one time, so to can our souls touch many many incarnations, in any and many different dimensions of the universe at the same time.

We are currently incarnated into this life now, along with existing in other incarnations that are within this same time, in the past, and in the future…  Truly, a past life regression would be more accurately called a Other Life Regression, because we can tap into any life that our soul was, is, or will be vested in.   . 

Because there is no true time or space, and because the idea that we are born, live, die, born, live die, is inaccurate linear thinking, we can regress to any time and place that we want. 

 The Wild West has yet to occur in some dimensions of this universe, but in others, it already is done.  So if a person had an experience of an abusive relationship and a violent death during the Wild West Era, the residue can easily be present and inhibiting in this current life, as well as have a potential impact that could appear at any time of a person’s life, as another non-linear incarnation unfolds in another current dimension of time and space.  

Simply put, by looking at our other incarnations, who we chose to be, the relationships that we chose to be in, what our life purpose was, and how we chose to exit that incarnation, all can guide us to why we incarnated into this life, and what life lessons, and life purposes we are here to fulfill!

Unexplained fears and phobias in this life are suddenly clear and explained by other life incarnation experiences.  A drowning in a past life can manifest as a fear of water in this current life.  
Things like sleep apnea, asthma, attracting abusive relationships, being accident prone…all these and so many more, are uncovered, explained, addressed, and put to rest through Past Life Regression Therapy.

1-Hour Session $75.00
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