Spiritual Counseling

A Miracle Minds Spiritual Counseling Session has one goal - To Restore Peace.  

Individuals request Spiritual Counseling to restore balance in their everyday lives.  

Sometimes it is to heal old wounds created by loss and disappointment.  Other times it is to remove fear and doubt, and restore personal empowerment, strength, and joy.

Unlike traditional counseling that can take months and even years to unfold the layers of imbalance which often does nothing to restore peace to a person’s life, spiritual counseling cuts through the stories of pain and fear, and the through the use of Quantum Healing, quickly restores energetic balance throughout the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Couples and other close relationships can be healed with the use of a Spiritual Counseling Session. 

Even business relationships can improve and become productive and peaceful with a Spiritual Counseling Session.  

The issues and pain are bathed in the spiritual light of peace, resulting a new grounding for balance to be restored.

1-Hour Session $75.00
Spiritual Counseling Sessions can be done in person, or through Free Skype Video Call.  Skype is available at no charge at:


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