Miracle Minds began in 2004, offering  Spiritual Counseling and Ceremonies.  It quickly grew to include teaching, healing, and spiritual life coaching.

This was the beginning of the manifestation of a 20 year long dream for Helena Jackson-Marrow.   

Today, it continues to develop into a Naturopathic Wellness business that includes Bach Flower Remedies and many other balancing and calming services. 

Miracle Minds, and Rev. Helena Jackson-Marrow are committed and passionate about bringing honesty, compassion, and integrity to the alternative healing community. 

With a grounded elegance, Miracle Minds moves the consciousness forward into new dimensions of healing and sees the Miracle Mind within each of us.

Rev. Helena Jackson-Marrow is a Degreed Ordained Minister and Spiritual Counselor based on the Principles of A Course in Miracles. She is a Minister/Counselor Graduate of Pathways of Light College.

She has been involved in studying, teaching and practicing many varieties of Spiritual and Naturopathic Healing Arts for over 25 years. 

She is a Reiki IV Master, a Certified Tuning Fork Therapist, Bach Flower Practitioner, and Homeopath. 

Helena is also a well known Intuitive, Spiritual Healing Teacher and Coach. 


I am a Degreed Ordained Minister and Spiritual Counselor, a Reiki IV Master, and a Level III Tuning Fork Therapist. I am also a Bach Flower Practitioner. I am a Certified Paranormal Investigator.

My father was Native American, and I have integrated much of the Native American Spiritual Path to my own practicing spirituality. This includes being a Pipe Carrier, and teaching about the Native American Medicine Wheel and Animal Totems.

I have been on my ever evolving spiritual path for over 25 years now. About three years ago, after spending 25 years in the mortgage industry, the Universe finally
"Unplugged" me from my day job, giving me the freedom to dedicate every moment of my time to cultivating my vision of Miracle Minds Wellness.

Miracle Minds has been my dream for so many years now, I forget exactly how many. Sometimes I think that I was born with that blueprint in my soul, no, I am certain that I was. A place where specific beliefs are always honored with respect and kindness. 

Where authenticity and grounded realism are always to be found. A place of refuge where any and everyone can come and find a restoration of their peace, balance, and joy. A place where everyone is celebrated for their pure and beautiful perfection. A safe place of honesty, boundaries, and clarity. A place where Miracles Happen!

Through the winding roads that Miracle Minds has traveled, and considering the human nature that permeates its existence, I feel strongly that I, and so many others, have, and continue to honor that dream.


A lot of people ask me why I put "Degreed" Ordained Minister in my description.

Well, this is something that is important to me. It has
nothing to do with the title, that is meaningless to me, but what is very important to me is letting others know that when I say that I am a Reverend, or an Ordained Minister, and I use that title in my name, there is an education  behind that title that can be depended on. There is training and depth to that title.  It is similar to seeing the title of Dr., and trusting the knowledge behind it.

I see it as very important that when someone hears that I am a Reverend and then comes to me for spiritual support, they know that I went to college, invested much personal time and finances into my education, and after proving my understanding and proficiency, was ordained as a minister and an Ordained Ministerial Counselor.

I hold two degrees with Pathways of Light College - Ordained Minister, and Ordained Ministerial Counselor. This education is based on the studies of A Course in Miracles, of which I have been a student for over 15 years, and will continue to be for the remainder of this life and beyond, I would suspect.


Yes, I am a Level Four Reiki Master.  Levels don't mean a lot unless you are studying Reiki, and then, depending on the style of Reiki you are learning, it may take three
or four levels to become a Reiki Master. 

 I studied under a local Reiki Master for my first two levels, and then enrolled at Flamel College for my level three and four, where I studied, passed the required studies,  had my Reiki skills tested as being satisfactory, and was given the certificate of a Reiki Master.  As a Reiki Master, I am certified to perform Reiki Healing Sessions, and also teach and certify others in Levels 1-4 of Reiki Energy Healing.


Using the same concept as in Reiki, Tuning Fork Therapy works on the energetic level to support healing.  All energy has a frequency, and different parts of the physical and spiritual body have very specific and different frequencies.  Tuning Forks that are crafted at specific frequencies can be used to calibrate and balance out the frequencies in the body that may be "out of tune", causing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual problems.  Tuning Fork Therapy also uses the same acupressure points as acupuncture, without the needles.  I continue to be amazed at the immediate and long lasting healing that Tuning Forks provide.

I studied under Francine Milford, founder and instructor of the Trademark Company - Tuning Fork Therapy.  I completed the studies and passed the testing to become certified in Levels 1, 2 and 3.


"Helena Marrow, CPI".....sounds like a line from a CSI show doesn't it? Well, it is true, I am a Certified Paranormal Investigator.  I am of the belief  that the spirit realm is right here with us.  In another dimension, and at a much higher frequency that we cannot usually see or hear, but very much right here where, on occasion, we can interact. I can help people with identifying and clearing energy in their homes and lives.

Using Electronic Voice Phenomenon, Electro-Magnetic Meters, audio recordings, and properly taken photos with the correct cameras, I can, on occasion, obtain what I believe to be evidence of spirits that are sharing this dimension with us.

I obtained my CPI education, testing (that was not as easy as I thought it would be!)  and certification through Doug Kelly, founder of Spirit Team, and Co-Founder
of ParaNexus.


Bach Flowers have been such a huge part of my life for the past 18 years, it feels as common as taking a Tylenol for a headache. I was introduced to them by my holistic doctor while I was pregnant with my first child, Aaron, and have continued to use them on myself, Aaron, my daughter, my animal companions, plants, clients, friends and family, and anything else that I suspect may be out of balance!!

Bach Flowers are the essences of 38 specific flowers that were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach.  These essences promote the emotional healing in living things - humans, animals, plants, etc.  Bach Flowers are a powerful yet gentle way of healing imbalances on the emotional level.  They are also very effective in healing on the physical level, such as burns from a campfire, up north in the middle of nowhere.....RIGHT JOANN!!

They do not have any interactions with other medications either! By simply answering a Bach Flower Questionnaire, a personalized formula can be mixed
that will support healing.  They are WONDERFUL for children as they go through the changes of growing up and maturing, and animals just seem to love them!

My education with Bach Flowers has been a combination of using them for 18 years, self study, and also studying with France Milford.