Paranormal Investigations
"Helena Cox, CPI".....sounds like a line from a CSI show doesn't it?
Well, it is true,Rev.  Helena Jackson-Cox is a Certified Paranormal Investigator. We are of the belief that the spirit realm is right here with us.  In another dimension, and at a much higher frequency that we cannot usually see or hear, but very much right here where, on occasion, we can interact.

Miracle Minds Wellness can help people with identifying and clearing energy in their homes and lives.

Using Electronic Voice Phenomenon recordings, Electro-Magnetic Meters, audio recordings, and properly taken photos with the correct cameras,  we can, on occasion, obtain what we believe to be evidence of spirits that are sharing this dimension with us.

Rev. Helena obtained her CPI education, testing (that was not as easy as she thought it would be!) 
 and certification through Doug Kelly, founder of Spirit Team, and Co-Founder of ParaNexus.